Vanilla Gameplay - Monthly Map Wipes

Established over 4 years ago as a 'Legacy' Rust server. There are no mods or plugins on NWRust. The gameplay is strictly vanilla. That means that nothing is changed beyond the developer set parameters. Please view the latest changes on the dev blog:

Experienced Admin - Dedicated Server Hadware

NWRust runs on fully dedicated server hardware with 32GB RAM and an Intel Xeon processor. Detrial has been running Rust servers since December 2013, and also owns/operates the vanilla server, Bloodbane.

Server Map - Wipe Schedule

Map wipes every two weeks on NWRust, unless a wipe is forced by the devlopers (Facepunch). Blueprints wipe only when forced. Please click the map image to view a detailed version. 

Last Full Wipe: 2/21/18

Next Wipe: 3/7/18

Welcome to Rust


Below is a list of server rules. Please join the server Discord and ask admin if you have questions.

  • This is a vanilla server. There are no mods or changes to core mechanics.
  • Do not spam, be racist, or homophobic, and please keep toxicity levels in check.
  • A single, year-old VAC ban allowed. No Game bans.
  • Please report bugs and anyone you find suspicious by using the 'F7' key.  
  • Map and blueprints wipe every two weeks.
  • Griefing is allowed on this server. We will not stop any natural gameplay.
  • The admin does not play on this server.
  • Contact admin on the server Discord: